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Hello members :wave:
We get a lot of submissions that we have to decline/redirect due to having been submitted to a wrong folder, and often they are the same mistake or misconception, so to make things a bit easier I've changed around some of the folder titles, and decided to write up this handy guide to where your submission is best suited and some commonly overlooked rules that lead to submissions being declined.

:bulletblack: "Humanlike OC's" is now "Humanoids"
:bulletblack: "Gifts and submissions for others" is now "Commissions, Gifts and Trades, etc."
:bulletblack: "Strange creatures and landscapes" is now "Beasts and Landscapes"
:bulletblack: "Book cover-art and comics" is now "Comics and Cover-Art"

Where to submit? A Guide to CoF's Folders
Commissions, Gifts and Trades, etc. = This folder takes priority over other folders, for example if you draw a dragon as a gift for a friend, while it might logically fit into the "Dragons" folder, it belongs in this folder first and foremost. This folder is for any artworks made for other people via art trades, contest prizes, requests, commissions, or gifts. Contest entries for non-group contests get a pass and can go to any other relevant folder.

Dragons = For all things dragon. In the case of Anthro dragons, if it is mostly human-looking it goes to "Humanoids", otherwise here.

Beasts and Landscapes = Animalistic creatures and original characters, and environments

Humanoids = Humans and characters, and human-based creatures (including most bipedal creatures like orcs)

Anime-Manga OC's = Anime/Manga styled original characters, read not fanart of existing commercial anime or manga characters

Animation = Pretty self explanatory, any moving/animated submissions

Comics and Cover-Art = For original comic pages and comic cover-art, and book cover-art (remember if it was done on commission it belongs in the first folder)

Written Stories and Literature = Again pretty self explanatory, any written submissions

Fan-Art = This is for artwork of characters or places such as seen in published books, films, video games, and other commercially available media.

Wallpapers = Artworks intended for others to use as backgrounds/desktop wallpapers. These must be in a sizing approximate to a monitor (for instance, an image longer than it is wide will not be accepted, as this would not comfortably fit the dimensions of a screen)

Abstract and Surreal Art = For fractal and non-figurative artwork, and surreal works that are not focused on a particular creature or character

Cosplay, Costume and Props = For cosplays and costumes, and objects associated with these (i.e custom swords and the like)

Norse/Celtic/Greek/Egyptian/Far-Eastern/Mesopotamian Mythology (6 separate folders) = Art of creatures and figures from each respective culture/folklore

Free Line-art = Line-based art that is intended to be allowed for others to download and colour it, not just line-art style personal art

Maps = Maps of invented universes and worlds

Tutorials and Resources = Fantasy-based art tutorials and useful tools such as brushes and textures

Ongoing Contests = For any current running group contest entries

Previous Contests = For entries from past group contests (however this folder is not open for submissions)

Hopefully now that we're all informed and the folders are more clear we can have less mistakes and get your submissions through a lot faster :thumbsup: If you have any questions please let me know and i'm more than happy to help, thanks for your attention!
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